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Well Woo-Hoo and howdy ya'll:

After asking fellow #gbfan chatters what they thought about a page where all can go to download the commonly used GB wavs,they agreed that that would be a helpful idea. So here are the ones I have gotten my hands on so far. If you have any that i dont, or if you make some new ones please submit them to us by clicking on the "GBIPA" on the bottem left of your screen. Thanks...Gbcameraman and Garth Nutt To listen to the wav's just click on the links. To add them to your Mirc simply right click and press save target as and save it to your mirc/sounds directory (folder)

2 Colada.wav Adonis.wav BatonR.wav bgb rodeo.wav

bgbthdl.wav bgbthdl.wav c_is_for.wav

CallinBR.wav CARE.WAV cowboy.wav

cpprayer.wav dance.wav FEVER.wav Friends.wav

garth-day.wav garth-hh.wav garthhny.wav

gb-makeyou.wav gbbip.wav gbcya.wav

gbdylan.wav gbhi.wav gbhits.wav

gbhlw2.wav gbkiss.wav gblaugh.wav

gbmc.wav gbydel.wav gbyell.wav

gbyes.wav If 2morow.wav ireland.wav

Mango1.wav Mr Right.wav Old.wav

ppbbtt.wav rndrnd.wav Strap.wav

tearbur2.wav tearitup.wav umoveme.wav

youmay1.wav Ysr.wav

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